Monday, August 29, 2011

Cupcake Accessories

26 days until the Cupcake Event!

Over the weekend, I noticed a lot of cupcake accessories including, this rubber key holder. Cupcakes are making themselves more known in grocery stores and bakeries with their unique decorations and flavors as well as, clothing stores and kiosks in the mall.

Cupcakes may have started to take part in the 6 degrees rule of seperation because they always seem to make their way back to my mind. I passed a cotton candy kiosk in the mall and I thought, "What about a cotton candy flavored cupcake?" Friends of friends will approach or message me with new ideas about cupcakes or something they experienced related to cupcakes. Who knows, maybe you will find a mutaul friend with someone at the event. But you'll never know until you register and attend here: Event Invite

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