Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cupcake Camp London with flare

Cupcake Camp has made its way to London, which is no surprise because it’s a fantastic city. I found this really cute, fun and mouth-watering video about how they performed Cupcake Camp.

The video is neat because it provides tips for you Charm City Cupcake attendees. If you are baking: Videos and cookbooks (my mom has a cupcake cookbook) really deliver a nice visual of what the final product should look like. I find when it comes to dessert presentation is what forces you to forget about the calories and sugar overload.

As a judge or attendee, you are most likely going to select a cupcake that catches your eye, regardless of the flavor. A clean finished product is what people look for: smooth frosting, unique presentation and a fun design. There are a lot of simple features people used to present their cupcakes such as, the themed labels for their cupcakes. It’s a very nice and simple touch.

You can approach your cupcake anyway you wish. Just watch the video and see for yourself (I really enjoyed the zebra liners and umbrellas).

Cupcake Camp London with flare

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