Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not just for cupcake lovers

39 days until the cupcake event! It's true how people say time flies.

The cupcake event may sound overwhelming at first, but it's truly effortless.

One, you don't even need to bring cupcakes. Just show up on the 24th of September at noon. Bring yourself, a date or neighbor. Two, it's free! We only ask you to RSVP to keep a head count and make sure everyone has the chance to consume as many cupcakes as they desire. Three, the event is not just for cupcake lovers and bakers. It's going to be fantastic because it's designed for the attendees to enjoy themselves in a relaxed environment. A cupcake in one hand and a beverage in the other.

Here is a video I found to help paint a picture of what our Charm City Cupcake Camp may look like: Isn't just for sugar lovers

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