Thursday, September 29, 2011

A ThankYou to Our Local Sponsors

Charm City proved we know how to have a sweet and successful event. The first Charm City Cupcake Camp by Rachel Rappaport (event organizer) is so proud of the outcome; we had 70 people attend, 40 people enter the contest and plentiful cupcakes to share!

Charm City Cupcake Camp was lucky enough to have these fantastic sponsors support the event by donating cupcakes and prizes for our attendees. Our sponsors include: Whole Foods in Harbor East, Iced Gems Creations, Breathe Books and the Desert Cafe.

Cupcakes by Iced Gems
Two of the winners received gift certificates to the cupcake shop. I recommend the s'mores cupcake!

Follow Iced Gems truck on @icedgemsbaking to track them down and snack on their delicious cupcakes or stop in at chat with the founder Christine and her friendly bakers.

Thank you Whole Foods in Harbor East for supplying our attendees with these delicious and beautiful cupcakes. Their baker designed and tested cupcake recipes just for the event! It paid off because the entire tray of five dozen cupcakes was devoured before the event was over! They only items left on the tray were those tiny and sweet curls of white chocolate.

Whole Foods also donated compostable plates, napkins, utensils and water. The water was quite the palette cleanser! I know as a judge, I was able to enjoy and taste more cupcakes as the event went on! The attendees must of felt the same because there were not that many cupcakes left at the end! Whole Foods also donated beautiful and bright reusable bags! Perfect to hold your lunch and the prizes for our winners!

Cupcakes from Whole Foods (top and bottom)

Follow Whole Foods @wfmharboreast for their nutrition
facts, seasonal ingredients and recipes.

Breathe Books, located in Hampden, has everything you may desire from books, beautiful scented candles and peace sign bracelets. The store is welcoming and the people are extremely friendly, which is why Susan Weis-Bohlen supported our local event by donating books for prizes. Thank Breathe Books for giving our event that Baltimore touch.

Follow Breathe Books @breathebooks

The Desert Cafe located in Mount Washington

The Desert Cafe donated a gift certificate to their Mediterranean cuisine eatery where they offer gluten-free choices, BYOB and over 50 flavors of savory and sweet flavored hummus. One lucky cupcake winner has the choice between Maryland flavored hummus such as, old bay or something sweet like cinnamon raisin. I highly recommend the cinnamon raisin! The Desert Cafe is true to Baltimore and is seen at local markets. Cupcakes are never out of season and Desert Cafe has created their hummus to do the same.

Follow the Desert Cafe @TheDesertCafe

Charm City Cupcake Camp could not have turned out as fantastic as it did without these sponsors! Thank you to everyone!

Look for more Charm City Cupcake Camp pictures at Flickr.

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